about me

hi! my name is derya

pronounced in english: dairy-ya
pronouns in english: she/her/hers

photo of me with my cat fig

thinking about…

  • applying critical theory + visualization
  • communicating science research
  • understanding how data became important
  • learning Swedish
  • hanging out with my cat Fig


✏ Doktorand, Science & Technology @ Linköping University

✉ derya.akbaba at liu dot se

𓅮 @gotdairyya

b/c elon musk ruins everything

📖 i like books

💾 a list of lists about data vis


☼ Masters, Computing @ University of Utah, 2022

☃ BSc, Industrial & Labor Relations @ Cornell, 2013


Collaboration: Matters of Care for Visualization Design Study
Derya Akbaba, Devin Lange, Michael Correll, Alexander Lex, Miriah Meyer
SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) (to appear), 2023
paper blog post supplemental material

Data Hunches: Incorporating Personal Knowledge into Visualizations
Haihan Lin, Derya Akbaba, Miriah Meyer, Alexander Lex
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2022
paper interactive prototype supplemental material

Manifesto for Putting 'Chartjunk' in the Trash 2021!
Derya Akbaba, Jack Wilburn, Main T. Nance, Miriah Meyer
alt.VIS, a workshop co-located with IEEE VIS, 2021
paper performance art as website


May 2023

Visiting and presenting at the HCDS group and hdilab @ ITU Copenhagen.

April 2023

Presenting my first first author publication at CHI 2023!

March 2023

Wrote down my thoughts about qual work in vis