peer-reviewed conference publications

Troubling Collaboration: Matters of Care for Visualization Design Study

Derya Akbaba, Devin Lange, Michael Correll, Alexander Lex, Miriah Meyer
In Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ‘23) 2023
paper blog post supplemental material

Data Hunches: Incorporating Personal Knowledge into Visualizations

Haihan Lin, Derya Akbaba, Miriah Meyer, Alexander Lex
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2023
paper interactive prototype supplemental material

peer-reviewed abstracts + short papers

words matter || mattering words

Derya Akbaba
CSCW Workshop. A Toolbox of Feminist Wonder: Theories and methods that can make a difference 2023

A speculative feminist knowledge elicitation system

Derya Akbaba*, Eirini Kaklopoulou *
Workshop at AI for Humanity and Society 2023 2023
workshop *both authors contributed equally

I Was Here: Digital Traces as Design Material

Tobias Kauer, Derya Akbaba
Information+ Conference 2023
conference abstract

Reflections on applying feminist theory to visualization research

Derya Akbaba, Lauren Klein, Miriah Meyer
Information+ Conference 2021
conference abstract ⚡ talk

"Two Heads are Better than One": Pair-Interviews for Visualization

Derya Akbaba, Miriah Meyer
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2023
pre-print supplemental material

Manifesto for Putting 'Chartjunk' in the Trash 2021!

Derya Akbaba, Jack Wilburn, Main T. Nance, Miriah Meyer
alt.VIS, a workshop co-located with IEEE VIS 2021
paper performance art as website

non-academic publications

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Wait…I never signed up to be an economist.

Derya Akbaba, Kiran Gadhave
Visualization Design Lab Blog 2021
blog post

Visualizing Uncertainty: What can graphics convey about the character of data?

Derya Akbaba
Natural History Magazine 2020
personal copy of article

Manifesto for Putting Chartjunk in the Trash 2021!

Derya Akbaba, Jack Wilburn, Miriah Meyer
Visualization Design Lab Blog 2021
blog post

State COVID-19 Dashboard

Derya Akbaba
Visualization Design Lab Blog 2020
blog post

invited talks

Interactive Visualizations in Social Science Networks

Polarization Lab @ Duke University
Durham, North Carolina 2021

Troubling Collaboration: Matters of Care in Visualization Design Study

HCDS group & hdilab @ ITU Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark 2023

invited workshops

Visualization and the Humanities: Towards a Shared Research Agenda

Dagstuhl Seminar
Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany 2023

Workshop Participant

ComSciCon 2020 Flagship Workshop
virtual 2020

STEM Ambassador, Spring Cohort

STEM Ambassador Program
Salt Lake City, Utah 2022

Grad Cohort for Women

virtual 2021

Working Group Member

Critical Code Studies
virtual 2020

Code, Paper, Scissor Cohort

School for Poetic Computation
New York, New York 2019


Communication, Design Co-Chair

Info+ Conference 2023

Organizing Committee

alt.vis 2023

Organizing Committee

alt.vis 2022

Student Volunteer

Eyeo Festival 2022

Student Volunteer


Grad Representative

College of Engineering Diversity Committee, U. of Utah 2023


IEEE VIS Full Papers (‘22, ‘23), alt.vis (‘22, ‘23)

TVCG Journal (‘23’)


Critical Perspectives in Visualziation Seminar

TNM101: Advanced Visualization Design
Linköping University, F2023

Implosion Workshop Seminar

TDDE39: Physical Interaction Design and Prototyping
Linköping University, S2023

Undergraduate Student Advisor

Advised: Pranav Rajan
University of Utah, S2021

Teaching Assistant

COMP1010: Computing for All
University of Utah, S2020